Music of Title Years
air vibrant flow of air 1998 - 2009
alan parsons project heavy words that tossed and blew me like autumn winds will blow 1976 - 1987
alexi murdoch time to believe in what you know 2002 - 2011
alice in chains if i can't be my own i'd feel better dead 1990 - 2013
allman brothers band that road behind me now was paved with fool's gold 1969 - 2011
alt-j bright ideas hide in caves 2012 - 2017
ange ange's theatrical rock 1972 - 2003
angelo badalamenti mood scenes of angelo badalamenti 1989 - 2006
arcade fire don't want it faster i don't want it free 2003 - 2013
archive our worlds collide inside our souls collapsing 1996 - 2016
archive rid us of our conscience so we can float away 1996 - 2012
arvo part cantus and other prayers by arvo part 1977 - 2009
b b king i can't lose these chains that bind me 1956 - 2008
beatles because the world is round it turns me on 1967 - 1980
beth hart hard cold and cruel is a man who paid too much for what he got 1999 - 2013
black country communion there is no flame for the faithless 2010 - 2012
black sabbath black and white sabbath 1971 - 2013
bob dylan when I was deep in poverty you taught me how to give 1963 - 2008
bob dylan silver'n'gold won't buy back the beat of a heart grown cold 1964 - 1992
bob seger between the ever restless crowds 1972 - 1995
brian eno where word and sense are torn asunder 1972 - 2010
bruce springsteen you shot through my anger and rage to show me my prison 1973 - 2012
buffalo springfield who's putting sponge in the bells i once rung 1967 - 1989
cactus the values of the trust you give or take from fellow man 1970 - 2010
can outrageously groundbreaking can 1971 - 1977
captain beyond memories have only open space to give 1970 - 1977
cars i don't mind you coming here wasting all my time 1978 - 1997
cat power remember one thing the dream you can see pray it to be 1996 - 2012
cat stevens for you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not 1967 - 1974
chameleons dreams are what you live for 1983 - 1987
chris de burgh but you are not alone when this is your world 1975 - 1982
cloud cult the fuel is nearly spent let's check the maps again 2003 - 2010
coldplay give me peace of mind and trust 2000 - 2014
craig armstrong close your eyes and leave the ground i want to get hold of you 1989 - 2015
cult emptyness his bitterness is gone journey on to the eternal reward 1984 - 2012
cure going under slowly never seems to...cure 1980 - 2004
david bowie we're painting our faces and dressing in thoughts from the skies 1969 - 1984
david bowie hearts become outdated clocks ticking in your mind 1972 - 2016
david parsons david parsons' sonic journeys into tibet 1989 - 2009
david sylvian the other side of life 1984 - 2005
dead can dance with one wish we wake the will within wisdom 1984 - 1996
dead can dance here alone on the grounds are millions of seeds we've left behind 1985 - 2012
deep purple out of the depth of purple 1968 - 1990
def leppard bringin' on the heartbreak 1981 - 1999
depeche mode what the spirit seeks the mind will follow 1984 - 2005
dire straits and all this writing on the wall oh i can read between the lines 1978 - 1985
dirty three great waves frozen in a secret space 1993 - 2012
do make say think listen to do make say think 2000 - 2012
dream theatre safe in the light that surrounds me 1999 - 2009
eagles 'cause there is no more new frontier we have got to make it here 1972 - 2007
editors with my eyes closed i'll look closer 2005 - 2013
electric light orchestra the answer lies within your soul 'cos no one know 1971 - 1979
elton john elton's previous and great songs 1969 - 1978
emerson lake & palmer my life’s course is guided decided by limits drawn 1970 - 1994
exodus miej serce otwarte a szczescie moze jest obok tuz 1980 - 1984
explosions in the sky does our ruin benefit the earth aim the grass to grow 2001 - 2016
flash & the pan extroverted hero losing paradise 1979 - 1992
flower kings with the power to believe we have the power to heal 1995 - 2012
frank weyzig born to live with this eternal flame 1985 - 2014
garth brooks to watch a storm with all its wonder 1989 - 2007
gary numan i could feel my mind decaying 1979 - 2013
gavin bryars gateways through gavin bryars 1969 - 1995
gavin rossdale kill youth with easy listening 1994 - 2008
gazpacho painting you a rainbow singing you a dream 2005 - 2010
gene clark dreams are wings of the spirit these vessel sails can't fill without 1967 - 1987
genesis days turn into years and still no tomorrow appears 1969 - 1978
genesis I'd rather trust a man who doesn't shout what he has found 1970 - 1974
gentle giant the truth never broken with my silent words left unsaid 1970 - 1980
glass animals be a part of the scene like you're living your dream 2012 - 2016
godspeed you black emperor if you follow the secret window and you die to the ego nature 1996 - 2015
gong psychedelic fusion of gong 1973 - 2016
grandaddy tears frozen upon descent 2000 - 2012
gravenhurst drown the whole world in my faith 2001 - 2012
gregory alan isakov but i'd never say I love you dear just to hear you say it back 2003 - 2016
groundhogs pushing time to its limits last minute comes and I have to cower 1969 - 1993
harmonia ambient cluster and motorik neu! 1971 - 1976
harold budd harold budd astronomical 1978 - 1995
hector zazou cross cultural ambience of hector zazou 1986 - 2008
herbie hancock herbie hancock's electronic fusion 1971 - 1973
humble pie only a roach won’t keep us from crossing no ocean 1969 - 1973
jack white always play to win but always seem to lose 1999 - 2014
jackson browne the road is filled with homeless souls 1972 - 1993
jan garbarek northern sounds of jan garbarek 1981 - 2004
jean-luc ponty progressive electro jazz rock fusion by jean-luc ponty 1976 - 1987
jean-michel jarre in absence of en attendant custeau 1976 - 1997
jean-michel jarre don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say 1976 - 2016
jesse sykes & the sweet hereafter without this wanting will I soon be free 2002 - 2011
jesus & mary chain past the weakened eyes that feel and scream into your soul 1985 - 2017
jethro tull and the memory stays clear with the song that you hear 1969 - 1983
joe bonamassa waiting on my destiny learning from my abilities 2002 - 2016
joe walsh it comes without a warning it's nothing you can name 1969 - 1978
john lee hooker let that boy boogie woogie it’s in him and it got to get out 1958 - 1997
john mayall & the bluesbreakers i’m the causing of the trouble and it makes my poor heart burn 1966 - 1971
john mellencamp like a wheel inside the wheel it turns on you 1979 - 2017
johnny cash where is that rock of ages when I need it most 1974 - 2013
journey the sound of life misplaced your mind 1975 - 2008
joy division directionless so plain to see, a loaded gun won't set you free 1979 - 1995
karmakanic and when i wake up i know where my soul belongs 2002 - 2011
kashmir the picture that passes our window has changed 2003 - 2013
kevin morby all that i’ve done wrong has found me 2013 - 2019
king crimson peaceful kings of crimson 1969 - 1974
king crimson will no one lay the laurel wreath when silence drowns the screams 1969 - 1974
kings of leon kings of preacher leon 2003 - 2010
klaus schulze excerpts from klaus schulze's classics 1974 - 1980
kraftwerk eurotrash to some of you 1974 - 1983
labradford labradford ever more 1997 - 2002
lambchop painful southern bilss 1994 - 2008
led zeppelin led zeppelin ace 1969 - 1979
led zeppelin if my wings should fail me lord please meet me with another pair 1969 - 1976
legendary pink dots will we wind up as the bunch of grapes that makes the wine 1985 - 2010
lenny kravitz just think twice before you cast your stone at someone’s soul 1989 - 2018
leonard cohen from this broken hill 1967 - 1995
linkin park help me leave behind some reasons to be missed 2000 - 2010
love and rockets believe in where you're going but don't lose your yesterdays 1982 - 2011
lyle lovett rare ballads of lyle lovett 1986 - 2010
lynyrd skynyrd be something you love and understand 1973 - 2012
m83 synthesized team ghost of m83 2003 - 2016
mahavishnu orchestra mahavishnu orchestra on beyond of music genres 1971 - 1984
manchester orchestra let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here 2006 - 2017
manfred mann's earth band passing by their heads are high but their hearts are low down 1972 - 1996
marillion built this house on solid ground but now it's crumbling tumbling down 1989 - 2016
marillion where are the poets to breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenary 1983 - 1987
marshall tucker band seven out of two hundred and twelve 1973 - 1975
massive attack english upbringing background carribean 1991 - 2003
mercury rev i never dreamed i'd lose you in my dreams i'm always strong 1995 - 2015
metallica metallica angellica 1984 - 1997
midlake one more year for a man to change his ways 2001 - 2013
midnight choir old and cold as the darkest night down on me 1994 - 2003
mike heron you give all your brightness away and it only makes you brighter 1967 - 1996
mike oldfield mike oldfield's early momentum 1973 - 1978
miles davis miles davis electric 1969 - 1985
mireille mathieu du feu qui devient cedre 1969 - 2005
morphine the cross the good luck charm the prayer the extra layer 1992 - 2009
mostly autumn mostly autumn within 1992 - 1999
mountain but now you left me to love another and you have shattered all of my dreams 1969 - 2015
muddy waters you can't lose some blues you ain't never had 1948 - 1979
muse they make me dream your dreams 1999 - 2012
my morning jacket straining to remember just what it means to be alive 2001 - 2016
neal morse a place inside that the world can't buy 2003 - 2011
neil young neil young's heart of gold 1972 - 2005
nick cave anyway i told the truth and i'm not afraid to die 1988 - 2013
nick cave he who seeks finds and who knocks will be let in 1990 - 2016
nina simone we just forget to give back cause we are moving too fast 1965 - 1978
oceansize down the low our deepest sigh within yourself you cannot hide 2003 - 2007
olafur arnalds so far from who i was from who i love from who i want to be 2008 - 2015
opeth slave to a sorrow that is whispering within 1998 - 2014
pain of salvation so i hold my breath and close my eyes and focus on the wine 2000 - 2011
paul rodgers searching for a guiding light i wander through the night 1969 - 2008
pearl jam i've got this life and a will to show i'll always be better than before 1991 - 2009
pendragon now u are forever embedded in this song and there is nothing u can do 1991 - 2011
pete namlook ambient space of pete namlook and fax 1993 - 2002
peter frampton when in your darkest days you are the light that shines the way 1970 - 2010
peter gabriel fear, she is the mother of violence 1977 - 2002
peter green no time can match the feeling that i have found here 1968 - 2005
pineapple thief when there was someone within 2005 - 2016
pink floyd unaware how of the ranks have grown 1969 - 1994
pink floyd driven on by a heart of stone 1969 - 1994
pink floyd we could find that we're all alone 1969 - 1994
pj harvey blue now is the colour love the drag i'm needing 1993 - 2016
placebo higher power help me start to heal 1996 - 2016
popol vuh ethereal electro acoustic ethno meeting place 1971 - 1993
porcupine tree onto others what they always do to you 1995 - 2009
porcupine tree the most twisted of your rules 1999 - 2009
porcupine tree never look for the truth in your mother's eyes 1999 - 2011
portishead the tenderness i feel will send the dark underneath 1994 - 2009
procol harum if music be the food of love then laughter is its queen 1968 - 1977
queen so sad it ends as it began 1974 - 1991
radiohead radiohead star 1993 - 2011
radiohead cut the kids in half 1993 - 2007
ravi shankar shankar - planetary soul searcher 1983 - 1991
rick wakeman In charge of who is there in charge of me 1969 - 1977
riverside when something ends something else begins 2004 - 2014
robert plant keep my mind from constant turning to the things i cannot be 1982 - 2010
robert schroeder harmonic ascendant driftin' in timewaves 1979 - 1988
rolling stones softly rolling stones 1965 - 1997
rolling stones can you feel the magic hangin' in the air 1967 - 1997
rory gallagher before you know the light will shine don’t burn out completely 1969 - 1990
roxy music guilt is a wound that is hard to heal 1972 - 1982
rpwl if there is an end the end is love 2000 - 2008
rpwl only love can be the way to bring you closer to yourself 2000 - 2012
rush life is just a candle and dream must give it flame 1974 - 1984
rush can't we find the minds to lead us closer to the heart 1974 - 1984
ry cooder always lift him up and never knock him down 1972 - 2018
santana feeling nothing deep inside his mind is governed by his pride 1970 - 1999
savoy brown my face is lined with worry and my mind is split in two 1967 - 1970
sbb coraz wiecej szklanych oczu 1975 - 2010
sia furler there are no lies in this world we call sleep 2001 - 2016
sigur ros sigur ros...from the back of beyond 1999 - 2007
sisters of mercy all i know for sure, all i know for real is knowing doesn't mean so much 1985 - 1987
skinny puppy rant and rave smash your head against the cage 1986 - 1996
smashing pumpkins wrap me up in always and drag me in with maybes 1991 - 2014
sound so many feelings pent up in here, left alone i'm with the one i most fear 1980 - 2010
soundgarden no staring at the clouds, i must stay on the ground 1991 - 2012
sparklehorse and the more i try to hurt you the more it hurts me 1995 - 2009
spiritualized nothing hurts you like the pain of someone you love 1997 - 2012
steve wilson i show the scars of every fear and doubt 2004 - 2016
stevie nicks gold voice woman 1975 - 1989
supertramp it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand 1974 - 1979
swans if mercy were to hold me closely and hide me in her place of no pain 1987 - 2012
sylvan when it's silence all around you you will face your life alone 2000 - 2009
t rex when i am sad i slide 1967 - 1974
talk talk as bad as bad becomes it's not a part of you 1982 - 1991
talking heads he feels the power of the past behind him 1977 - 1988
tangerine dream as our door becomes open a rush of sound is found inside 1974 - 1986
tangerine dream but listen carefully and this key is yours 1974 - 1986
ten years after the blues rock of ten years after 1967 - 1972
terje rypdal terje rypdals meaning in strings 1975 - 2002
thee silver mt zion destroy all dreamers with debt and depression 2000 - 2008
thee silver mt zion the fence around your garden won't keep the ice from falling 2000 - 2011
this mortal coil on his dreams like boats we knew we’d sail in time 1970 - 1991
this will destroy you vengeance is a dark light that blinds all who seek it 2007 - 2014
thomas dybdahl if you stand tall for others you will find love 2002 - 2013
tim mcgraw open heart of tim mcgraw 1995 - 2007
tindersticks and you showed me who i was running from, as if i hadn't known all along 1993 - 2010
tool drawn beyond the lines of reason push the envelope watch it bend 1996 - 2006
tori amos these precious things let them break their hold over me 1991 - 2007
townes van zandt wind don't blow below the sea 1968 - 1999
traffic if you've got a mind that's open if you've got a heart that yearns 1967 - 1994
travis there is no wrong there is no right, the circle only has one side 1997 - 2013
u 2 into the half lights and through the flame 1981 - 1995
ultravox emotion driving all the time a burning need for things not mine 1980 - 1986
unkle are you happy being or do you search for meaning 1998 - 2010
uriah heep with the strength of a new day dawning 1970 - 1977
van der graaf generator only in violence is the cause lost 1969 - 1996
van morrison in fathoms of my inner mind i'm mystified oh by this mood 1968 - 1991
van morrison let go into the mystery let yourself go 1967 - 1992
vangelis emotion waves of vangelis 1976 - 1997
velvet underground I saw my head laughing rolling on the ground 1967 - 1976
who love reign o'er me 1969 - 1982
wilco something that you feel already deep inside you've denied 1996 - 2011
yes fragments of yes 1969 - 1983
zoviet france tribal revival harmonic noise of zoviet france 1982 - 2000
eclectic all those endless ends 1970 - 1998
eclectic church at once 1974 - 1998
eclectic don't you know there is always an answer you're not alone 1972 - 2011
eclectic echoes in memory of andrew wood 1720 - 1990
eclectic gardens of tears anonymous 1801 - 2012
eclectic heartcore 1973 - 1997
eclectic in the castle dark or a fortress strong 1971 - 2000
eclectic last chord in the symphony of the lost 1969 - 2001
eclectic like i should strive to be you 1982 - 2010
eclectic loaded guns attract 1970 - 1996
eclectic nothing to fear nothing to doubt 1984 - 2001
eclectic on the mountain of dreams 1971 - 2005
eclectic only love can bring the rain that falls like tears from on high 1966 - 2012
eclectic people writing songs that voices never share 1966 - 2010
eclectic rusty strings on my old guitar speaks volumes of who you are 1969 - 2013
eclectic shadow and shade 1975 - 1995
eclectic the wall on which the prophets wrote is cracking at the seams 1968 - 2011
eclectic the woman in your soul creates the man you hold 1976 - 1995
eclectic train of love racing from heart to heart 1970 - 2003
eclectic who is no longer a friend never was a friend 1970 - 1991
eclectic once for every expectation and once for what i realize 1968 - 2006
eclectic the light of inspiration and the darkness of doubt 1972 - 2017
eclectic one of these days I'll rise above me 1975 - 2018

I have this famous black book combined of several notebooks where all formulas of my stain mixes and finishing processes done by us in the last twenty few years are listed all together, like a memorial of the professional life I have devoted to finishing wood.

This Inspiration Area is just an art project but that is how I see my entire life as well. Listening has always allowed me more freedom than watching and therefore music has become a constant soundtrack to my life. About forty years ago I started collecting albums and my search for powerful songs. Since nothing was ever able to release me out of this lifelong obsession, I would like to share some of my personal favorite findings with you. Obviously the musical taste I have acquired may be quite different from yours, as even the reasons why we turn to music in the first place can be as varied as our natures are. When I was twelve years old I was completely overwhelmed by the spiritual high I was able to arouse within myself simply by turning on my old reel to reel tape deck and listening to Shine On You Crazy Diamond. If this composition bores you depresses you or makes you sleepy then my lifelong search for similar textures will as well. If you need to google this title, then there is something you got out of reading this already. Thank you for your time.

Sitting by the fire and staring, the flame relaxes and comforts us. We are usually unaware of the historical magnitude of that primeval experience. For thousands of years, fire meant life itself. Survival and distraction. It brought warmth and allowed us to inhabit new areas of the planet. Fire enabled us to lengthen the day and to protect ourselves at night. It allowed us to cook and preserve the food we caught and to extend our diet. Sitting together by the fire was often how we spent time with others, but staring into the flames has always been deeply introspective and meditative.

Our participation in music brings to the sub-conscience every lament of humanity, every cry of joy, every hymn and anthem, every blues, chant and prayer. Music, unlike other forms of entertainment, does not haunt our minds with residual visions of frequencies vibrating in front of our eyes again and again, beyond our control. On the other hand, once we know it by heart, music becomes a part of our background, where we can bring it back at will. With music we are never alone. It holds the power of inspiring the best in us.

I remember falling in love with music at the age of nine. A few years later I started trading albums on a black market, as back then that was the only way to access western music in socialist Poland. As a teenager I fell in love with the English language because so many words of wisdom were reaching me through song. 'It seems a time of sadness is a time to understand', always felt very true to me. Perhaps my survival of drowning in early childhood started that trend, but I have always found the most value in lyrics and music inspired by deep spiritual discoveries. An essence invoked by personal reflections, emotional highs or lows. Songs written as monuments of one's struggle, internal or social, attract me greatly. I have always been in awe of the overwhelming songs we seem to experience on a spiritual level. They hold this special power regardless of the complexity or simplicity of their composition, the meaning or the lack of lyrics. Their harmony and melody and the texture of sound just seem to elevate us to a higher level. I search for and collect these songs. I am also very drawn to music capable of moving my mind away from the moment. Psychedelic, spacey, atmospheric, even experimental as long as it's not disturbing. For whatever reason, repetitive beat disturbs me quite a bit. It distracts me from dreaming and imagining, so I stay away from it.

There came a point when I realized that my perception of my own life and incomplete. Until then I used to look at things from only one side, the side of that moment. Something made me realize that every larger step in any direction, every greater decision, any plan of action, or position taken towards another being - could be reconsidered. Considered again from another perspective, that of my final hour, imagining myself on my deathbed reflecting on that moment in my own past. How would I have done it if I had another chance? Would that reconsidered decision or action have affected my final outcome? What do I want to be left with at the end of this personal journey? I guess music is something I believe I can take with me, because somehow that added life perspective has changed the way I have been listening to music for the past 25 years.

I have been going back into my past, as well as searching for previously unknown to me musical greatness of the past 50 years, and pulling them out as if the house was on fire, strangely enough. I often submerge myself for weeks in a collection of a single band and their members or a solo composer, by fully exploring everything they have ever been involved with. There comes a moment when I feel let in, given full access to their particular musical space. Most of us have a few favorite bands or artists we share such connection with. My personal disability makes me move on as soon as that full accessibility has been granted, the field explored, and its understanding completed. To me, every music genre is like a different programming language we can use. Exploring these languages seems to be greatly enhancing my own internal programming. Listening to a variety of musical styles mixed together I find to be a truly mind opening experience. Analyzing the offerings of our most gifted musicians and poets from a wide range of styles, including insight into their personal influences, rewards us with total assimilation and a merging of worlds, theirs and ours. My focus rests only on styles I am attracted to and open minded enough to follow, and I am quite aware of the fact that many areas of great music are left untouched.

My Music Face is composed of many artists well know to each one of us. What started as a 7x7 ended up growing to 10x10, as I wanted to gather all major influences of my entire life and ended up running out of space. This Wall of Faces you see here, shows only faces of music created within my personal life span, and although creativity was the overwhelming impulse underlying this art project, this collage does not necessarily represent the faces I consider the most groundbreaking to the last fifty years of music. Patti Smith and Jimmy Hendrix would have to be listed here and they would look great among the others. Somehow their music has never affected my personal life; somehow I was not able to develop a personal connection with them. There was a two year period in my life, 25 years ago, when, deciding to remove myself from the force (that felt like a tail wagging the dog), I allowed myself listening only to classical music. None of my favorite classical composers are here, unless they are my contemporaries. I wanted to focus on the span of my personal life putting together this collage. Just like the predecessor of this section of our website, 'my I-pod club - music project' was done partially to introduce people to some of great music reaching for recognition, I wanted to include the faces of the creators of that great but unknown to most of us music, in here. Our lack of their recognition was one of the reasons behind this project. As far as the more recognizable faces, only one representative of a band was invited. Creativity played a significant role here, although in a few situations I chose the one of the songwriting partners, whom the music loved more. A couple of faces have not composed their own material but their choice and expression brought something special into my life and to the world of music. You might look at my lists and say - ''how can you include this guy? I can't stand some of his songs' or - 'but you have left so many of the best songs behind'. Yes, I do have artists here whose many songs or even entire albums or decades of creativity I don't care for. If among hundreds of their compositions I found even 50 minutes of music I consider spectacular, they were welcomed in here.

And as far as the majority of musicians I focus on, when you compare some of the Greatest Hits or The Best Of with some of my collections, at times only a quarter or a third of songs are the same. Easy comes easy goes, in my eyes, applies to so many songs listed on various greatest hits compilations. Among many people you liked the song right away, but you wouldn't play it on repeat one for even an hour as it would bore you too soon. You get over it and need a next and new hit. I am much more attracted to songs that grow on me with time. They often but not always do have a progressive structure. I do agree that I have left some of the strongest lyric-wise songs behind, because my leading force is music and words without musical greatness don't mean as much in this place. At times I remove songs out of context of the band's or artist's repertoire. I have been listenings to rock songs by a band whose other songs' growling noises truly turn me off and make me click the fast forward button in split second. Somehow that offending noise of this band's many songs does not turn me away from their worthwhile music. Being around such vast range of rock music throughout the decades of my life has given me a certain perspective into its originality and essence. My mind clicks that fast forward button so often when I hear some new hot great band or song nowadays. I don't hear them as much as what they are sampling, imitating or fusing together, to come up with something 'new and original'. And when I do come across something unique and powerful, I bring it home, right here. Yes, there is no objectivity here. Everything is done according to my personal taste. Some of it is well known and easily accessible, while other compositions and songs may sound great to me but could be rather obscure and challenging, even annoying or depressing to others. In our vast universe of music here is just my own view of the past 50 years of what to me sounds original, important, influential and worth knowing. Early electronic music developed in 1970s (euro trash to some of you) played a huge role in my youth and Ommadawn will always be for me one of the jewels of a great music decade. My fascination with modern classical, and the minimalist approach, as well as with ambient music and the repetitive sound (not drum and bass beat) makes me a huge admirer of bands like Radiohead (rather easy to assimilate) and TSMZ (extremely difficult to break through). I love the beauty of simplicity but severe complexity as well. There is plenty of music that requires at least several listens before the veil concealing greatness falls down.

Since all of this music inspires me so much and since this constant dissecting, selecting, and mapping out of some imaginary plot takes a big part of my life, I would like to share it with you. Nowadays it is so easy to access music files in so many ways. There are millions of songs and tens of thousands of bands and artists available to everyone, everywhere. It is not about content but about finding your own way around this universe of sound. Who knows, you might find yourself in the same space I was in about a year ago. Going through the music of Marillion and listening to their album Marbles, I came across a song called Neverland. It is one of my all-time favorite songs and I probably ended up listening to it close to 20 times within that week. I still remember listening to that album nearly a decade ago when it came out. I was driving a car with a mediocre sound system. Since some of the songs were not what I expected or liked, I completely skipped over this amazing composition. Now I have changed my view of that particular album, but I know of many awesome songs buried in rather weak or difficult albums. Most of these songs have never gotten any recognition. For some reason I like searching for them and finding them, filing them away in my old fashioned method. When Apple removed their I-Pod Classic from our lives I decided to prolong its existence in this way, right here, because this device is so dear not only to me but to so many lovers of music.

Thank you for coming to our website, perhaps because you are looking for a hardwood floor or you are helping your client make decisions. Perhaps you just wanted to know what that strange name was all about. You might be a friend of mine or of one of my co-workers. I want to leave something here for all of us, so no one would visit this website in vain. Just like fire, music might not play a significant role for many of us on a conscious level, but it does hold the power of nurturing the fire in our hearts, the passion and will within us. Another beautiful lyric comes to mind - 'life is just a candle but dream must give it flame'.

, March 2015

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